Add a Hand Pump to an Electric Well

She travelled with friends who assured her she would be able to get a job as a maid, enabling her to look after her impoverished siblings back home. Today, she is one of hundreds of girls, many as young as 13, who sell their bodies in Harare’s seedy nightclubs, with their grubby neon signs and crumbling, once glitzy, decor. Critics blame growing prostitution in Zimbabwe on President Robert Mugabe, whose policies, they say, have turned the nation, which was once an exporter of food, into a beggar state with unprecedented levels of unemployment. Small, with the short, kinky hair of a typical Zimbabwean girl, Chipo does not fit the picture of a sex worker. Yet she dances suggestively to rumba music blaring from the disco at the popular Liz, the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, in an attempt to attract men, who come from far and wide to pick up girls from this bustling bar. Nightclubs like the Liz are always packed with girls drawn from the dirt-poor townships around Harare. In the dimly-lit pub with its purple fluorescent lights and deafening music, prostitutes sell the only thing they can.


Heard on Morning Edition Peter Godwin was born and raised in Zimbabwe, and has written a number of books about the country and Robert Mugabe’s regime. Rachel Martin asks him what he hopes is next for his country. It is hard to overstate Robert Mugabe’s hold on Zimbabwe. Thirty-seven years ago – 37 years – the schoolteacher turned revolutionary took over a newly independent state. No longer would this be a British colony called Rhodesia, and no longer would it be ruled by a white minority.

Mugabe acknowledged as much in a speech and promised fairness for all.

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Share Tweet Our electrician neighbor came over last night to help us install a power transfer switch. We needed this switch to enable us to switch from solar power to generator power when we go off-grid. There will be times when we want to use more electricity than our solar can provide like when I use the washing machine to wash quilts, when I need to vacuum , if we need to pump a large amount of water from the well, etc.

Until we completely disconnect from the grid, we can use the power transfer switch to alternate from grid power to solar power. We went with a Reliance Power Transfer Kit, basically because it was the only option our local Home Depot had available to us. It was sufficient for our needs. The day we went to Home Depot to get this kit, we had several other things we were shopping for.

It was me, my husband, and our four kids. I swear we walked up and down every single aisle of that store, and lapped it a hundred times.


Share Shares 96 A young nation of 37 years, Zimbabwe has seen enough trouble and strife to last a century. A tyrannical leader and rampant corruption will likely ensure plenty more for years to come. Back in , she joined her bodyguard in kicking the snot out of a photographer. This very month, Mrs.

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The latest issue is the cash crisis, which has resulted in many people sleeping outside banking halls so that they are first in the queue to access their money when the bank opens the following day. The scarcity of cash in the Zimbabwe has prompted banks to limit cash withdrawals. Not that the banks are complaining about this inconvenience, which has turned out be a boon for them.

He teaches at a school in Wedza, a rural district over km south of Harare. As a teacher, like many civil servants, he earns about USD Masaraure has to spend USD30 to travel to the capital, a trip he has to do about three times, to withdraw most of his earnings. Sometimes there is no cash at the bank and his travels would have been for nought.


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Share Shares 88 A young nation of 37 years, Zimbabwe has seen enough trouble and strife to last a century. A tyrannical leader and rampant corruption will likely ensure plenty more for years to come. Back in , she joined her bodyguard in kicking the snot out of a photographer. This very month, Mrs. Mugabe visited her sons in South Africa, only to discover that her darling angels were also entertaining a year-old model. Mugabe whipped the model with a plug extension and then went on the run.

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MMPZ calls on the police to urgently investigate this case and bring to justice the source of these cowardly and illegal threats to silence an important alternative source of news and in so doing restore a measure of confidence in their impartial application of the law. As a result, their involvement in the elections will undoubtedly give the ruling party a grossly unfair advantage over its MDC rival. Such behaviour aptly proves the extent to which ZANU PF has hijacked supposedly impartial government institutions to subvert the very core of the democratic process in order to retain their grip on power.

It is against this background that civic organizations continue to demand thorough constitutional reform, with properly constituted electoral laws guaranteeing the fair and independent management of elections. Without these checks on gross authoritarian abuse, the practice of democracy in Zimbabwe will remain an illusion. While the private media gave a full picture and informative analysis of the gravity of the crisis and its origins, which they blamed on bad governance, the government media generally let government off the hook by unquestioningly endorsing its fire fighting measures to arrest the deepening crisis.

No explanation was given as to why people in neighbouring countries would hoard a frail Zimbabwean currency. However, in its 8pm bulletin of the same day, ZTV did quote economists Godfrey Jowah and Danny Meyer citing inflation as the major cause. But no comment was sought from relevant authorities on what government was doing to address such issues.

The government-controlled media did not question the viability of such measures, merely presenting them as the ultimate solution.

10 Fascinating Facts About Zimbabwe

Why Do You Need It? When a house is built in an area that is not served by a municipal water works, a private well system is used. The well pumps used in most systems are quite powerful, often capable of delivering more gallons of water per minute than any single faucet could draw. Everybody I have spoken to in the plumbing or water-well business says that well pumps can burn out prematurely if they are made to start and stop more than necessary. By using a holding tank, the water can be used in a leisurely manner over a long time, and the pump will run briefly to refill the tank.

A pressure tank can be as simple as a big metal chamber with one hole in the bottom for water to flow into.

Zimbabwe should not be open for business. By Elia Ntali. Zimbabwe should not be open for business alone but should be open to Zimbabweans. The Leave No Youth Behind, a local coalition of more than youth Civic society organisations (CSOs) has called on the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) and other stakeholders to do all that is possible to serve Zimbabwes interests.

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By Larry Pina The hand pump and electric pump share the same well casing. I remembered then that when I was a youngster one of our neighbors had attached a working hand pump to his electric well pump. I made up my mind — then and there — to at least investigate the possibility.

is now Zimbabwe Orphan Care has transitioned to exclusively focus on Jabulani Children’s Home. Please visit our new website at . Alan and Dorothy Graham.

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