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Dato che non voglio assolutamente risparmiarmi, ci saranno spoiler. Il pensiero di iniziare a leggere questo post ti riempie di determinazione. Lo stesso tema viene ripreso anche in Home , dove viene liberamente riarrangiato a chitarra acustica. Anche la variante Home Music Box , suonata appunto al carillon, svolge la stessa funzione narrativa. Le due versioni non sono altro che il giorno e la notte letteralmente di uno stesso contesto. Your Best Friend Ah, Flowey. Ho goduto nel farti arrabbiare. E dire che solo la prima ha preso tutto quello spazio! Come a riflettere anche il titolo, Your Best Friend viene ripresa anche nel tema del boss finale della Neutral:


She is the incumbent Royal Scientist, a position she was awarded by Asgore after the death of her predecessor. Asgore hired Alphys because she told him that she had created a SOUL ; in reality, she had created a robotic body for a ghost. Contents Profile Appearance Alphys is a yellow, reptilian monster of similar height to the protagonist. She has scales, round glasses, protruding teeth which seem to vary between two and four depending which way she faces , and normally wears a white lab coat.

However, she wears a polka dot dress on her date with the protagonist.

Alphys had told you about her past in the underground, being a royal scientist and all. You were really fascinated by her story, and you felt like the two of you were already great friends, despite only knowing each other for a few hours.

This mysterious dimension is commonly called “Malletspace”. This is because they contain several gallons of water, which may be instantaneously released at high pressure through large tear ducts. The actual volume of water contained in the eyes is unknown, as there is no evidence to suggest that these reservoirs are actually capable of running out. The reason water tends to collect in the eyes is because Anime characters only have one large sweat gland, which is located at the back of the head.

When extremely stressed , embarrassed, or worried, this sweat gland exudes a single but very large drop of sebaceous fluid. The more you want, the less you get and vice-versa. First Corollary- Unfortunately, this law seems to apply to Otaku in the real world This chemical may also be responsible for the phenomenon of fire behind the eyes and from the mouth when a character usually a female is really angry.

This may be in part to laws 32, 34 and sometimes Unfortunately, most Hentai fans are under the same impression. The reasons for this are: Or the combination of any two of those traits.

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Buzz November 15, Feldman named Alphy Hoffman as one of the six men who abused him when he was a young actor. Corey Feldman named another one of his six alleged abusers on the “Dr. Oz” show that aired Monday afternoon. Private and only for kids under the age of 16 who were working in film and television, the club included a dancefloor and neverending access to soda. There were a bunch of these guys.

Undyne also goes to Kris after they ask about Alphys, she says “Alphys? Who’s Alphys?” If this was a post pacifist timeline then these two should probably know each other, due to the fact that they’re in love and are dating, but they somehow don’t know each other and Undyne actually says that she will tackle Alphys if she sees her.

Truth, part 1 After spending some time with Papyrus in the junkyard in order to keep him from interfering with Undyne and Alphys’ date, Woona decided to head back to the Lab to check on Mettaton. As such, after saying goodbye to Papyrus, she took a shortcut back to the Lab, only to find Alphys there, opening a door that Woona hadn’t gone into before, one that closely resembled elevator doors. Alphys jumped back from the doors in surprise, the doors sliding closed as she spun towards Woona.

I-I didn’t see you there. W-what brings you here? He said something about forming a band. Knowing that, she brought up a different point of curiosity. She slowly turned from Woona to the door and back, deep in thought. She looked up at Woona. I’ve been hiding from it, and the world, for a long time.

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This is not the story of how monsters where trapped underground, this is the story of how they tried to return to the surface. After they were freed, monsters tried to live along side humans. With humans being attacked and monsters disappearing, the only chance for peace seems to be convincing the daughter of the mayor, the manager of the orphanage Frisk grew up in, that monsters are not as bad as they may seem.

But strange nightmares seem to haunt you at night, and you are losing your determination. Can you make peace between humans and monsters?

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Truth, part 1

She is the incumbent Royal Scientist, a position she was awarded by Asgore after the death of her predecessor. Asgore hired Alphys because she told him that she had created a SOUL ; in reality, she had created a robotic body for a ghost. Contents Profile Appearance Alphys is a yellow, reptilian monster of similar height to the protagonist.

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Agatha Emiya and the Fifth Holy Grail War by Satire Swift reviews Agatha Emiya was looking forward to ending her last year in high school and going off to college to earn those degrees in Physics and Engineering. However, all is not well in the city of Fuyuki, and for the girl with the wondrous and mystifying inventions, this means trouble.

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Are you really waiting for an answer? The answer is a LOT. Kantai Collection – Rated: Together, they will work hard, push each other, and unlock their true potential.

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Normal Undyne prepares to throw her spear at the protagonist Undyne debuts in armor varying in light and dark shades of gray, but without armor, is a piscine, anthropomorphic monster. She has blue scales and a long red ponytail. She has red and blue fins on the sides of her head, and a pair of sharp, yellow, protruding teeth. She wears red eye shadow and has an eyepatch on her left eye.

She also wears a black tanktop and jeans. Her eyes have black vertical pupils and a yellow sclera.

At first I thought maybe it was after a reset, so Sans and Alphys had to start over. If you;re looking for ideas still, that could be interesting: showing the different ways of confessing, dating, etc.

This is the main point of Experimental Comic Kotone. It ends up failing in an epic fashion. The World God Only Knows takes this to metafictional levels, featuring a Dating Sim otaku who captures escaped spirits by applying his knowledge of dating sims and their sub-genres. Done as a joke at a comicon in Japan, where Studio Pierrot showed a redubbed set of Bleach clips meant to be an advertisement for an upcoming dating sim.

There’s two ‘dates’ in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker , where you can go to the beach with either Paz or Kaz. You speak to them using the Co-Op battle cries, and then if they like you you can invite them into the cardboard box for quality time. They’re parody, but both Paz and Kaz have different personalities which come out during the dates Paz likes being complimented and treated gently, Kaz likes being punched and Big Boss staring at his crotch with the binoculars. The fourth episode of the Haiyoru!

Nyarani short flash animation.

Alphys (Underswap)

What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth Ah, do not be afraid, my child. I am Toriel, caretaker of the Ruins I pass through this place every day to see if anyone has fallen down You are the first human to come here in a long time. I will guide you through the catacombs.

Alphys resembles a yellow lizard, she has a big pair of round glasses and wears a white robe with a green scarf. Alphys is the goddess of knowledge. She is a natural born god. Alphys resembles a yellow lizard, she has a big pair of round glasses and wears a white robe with a green scarf.

Alphys is the leader of the royal guard in the Underswap alternate universe, which means that she is the Underswap equivalent of the original version of Undyne in the canon Undertale universe. She wears a black tanktop and jeans when she doesn’t have to get dressed up, but on a date with her girlfriend, Undyne, she wears a white turtleneck under a black leather jacket and pants. Alphys first met Undyne in the garbage dump, listening for hours about where she thought the abyss there led.

The two became close friends soon after, with Undyne introducing her to anime at some point. They hang out often, and Undyne uses the seagrass throughout Waterfall to make a special frosty treat for Alphys. Alphys is passionate about everything that she does, and she acts quickly on her ideas and is steadfast in her beliefs. Though she wants to defeat any human that she comes into contact with, she also tries to be fair and offers an explanation of how Green Mode works.

Toriel taught her the value of pacifism, which is why Alphys sees any human as “a wimpy loser with a big heart. She loves to help others and mentors Blueberry Sans in cooking skills. Alphys dislikes puzzles, loves japes, and enjoys anime, an affinity she shares with her romantic interest, Undyne. Since Undyne told Alphys that anime is actually human history, Alphys regards human history as exciting and cool. As result of showing her brashness, it appears that she is fierce and unforgiving, blood thirsty, and wants human heads at first, but once humans get to know her, she’s really just an adorable deadly dork with a big heart, and is a loud, noble, kind-hearted, hilarious, dorkly, brave, hot blooded, and honorable heroine with a heart of gold who would do about anything to protect her friends.

It really shows when she sticks up for the smaller people, and especially when humans finally manage to befriend her. She also loves to share stories of her past, but she has changed from the days of her youth.

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You must do this: You have to spare Toriel. Dodge Papyrus until he spares you, be friends with him, and go on date in his house or let him capture you three times until he gets tired and hang out with him in his house. Flee from Undyne’s fight when your soul colour is red and go to hot land. She will stop chasing you when her armour get so hot and she will fall on the ground.

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Allow me to Explain Some Complex Feelings One of you and Alphys’ favorites. She was twiddling her thumbs, and she looked very nervous. You pulled out your cellphone, with a Mew Mew Kissy Cutie case on it. You saw the time, it was 1: But little did you know, she liked you back. She would watch you walk home on her cameras, just to be sure you were safe.

She was kind of like a stalker, but you knew her. On your way home, you received a text message from Alphys. No one had ever called her that before.

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