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Isley brothers live it up

For his part, Santana simply hopes the album's pro-peace message resonates. "With everything happening in the world with augmented intense fear everywhere – and getting worse and worse – this is an antidote," he says. "When you listen to this music you give people courage, clarity, conviction and consistency of believing that there's something more than the fear that CNN, the CIA, the Pentagon and Hollywood are selling constantly. This is the opposite of that." 

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(August 21, 2015) RCA Victor and T-Neck Album Masters (1959-1983) Box Set Sony Legacy 23 disc in the box set in mini-LP slip cases,remastered

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"Ronnie [and] Ernie: they wrote some songs, and they're not the flavor of the second," he says. "They're here for immortality, like John Lennon 's 'Imagine,' or Bob Dylan 's 'Blowin' In The Wind,' 'What's Going On' [by] Marvin Gaye . I can tell the songs that are destined to stay frozen in immortality, eternity and infinity, and that's the sound we wanted to create in particular with Power Of Peace . If you play this music in elevators, shopping malls, parking lots, CNN, in Europe, we will certainly elevate this planet into a place where we will see and witness world peace in our life time."

 · The slower numbers fare far better. It’s hard to find fault with the sensitive, open arrangements that Santana created for Isley to sing over.

Isley Brothers Live It UpIsley Brothers Live It UpIsley Brothers Live It UpIsley Brothers Live It Up


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