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Chandra Levy : In 2001, the Washington . FBI intern vanished without a trace. After the police investigation revealed that she was having an affair with Congressman Gary Condit , much speculation began to surround the politician as to whether or not he was involved with the disappearance. Ultimately, police arrested Ingmar Guandique for the murder of Chandra. While he was convicted in 2010, a new trial was granted in 2015 with prosecutors ultimately deciding not to proceed with the case. "The fact that the death of Chandra Levy was almost an anonymous one by an unknown, unconnected thug who attacked female joggers so random was hard for many people to digest," Nancy shared.

But in recent years, our legal and crime narratives have begun to change shape, especially when it comes to sexual violence. The myth of rape as something perpetrated by madmen in alleyways has long faded. We’re in an age of unprecedented attention to systemic failures. Making a Murderer is not just a show about murder; it’s a surgical dismemberment of the whole judicial process. Today we want to understand colleges’ bureaucratic oversights in adjudicating sexual assault or the ingrained biases that guide routine traffic stops. It’s telling that Grace’s slew of episodes devoted to Brock Turner, the Stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault, failed to make her into a dominant voice on the topic. It was her successor, Banfield, who made waves with her coverage of the Turner case—by reading the letter from the victim aloud on CNN, in a segment preceded by trigger warnings about the letter’s graphicness.

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Nancy Holloway Nancy HollowayNancy Holloway Nancy HollowayNancy Holloway Nancy HollowayNancy Holloway Nancy Holloway


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