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Simon and garfunkel i am a rock

This is the best description of Asperger's Syndrome I have ever come by in the rock music.

I mean, this song describes exactly my feelings and how I feel inside. I just want to be alone, I need solitude and I feel myself alien in company. Aspergers usually have very poor social skills and manage to either irritate or drive away people around them, causing unease to other people and sorrow to themselves.

I am very uneasy in crowd, and I prefer being alone. Hearing laughter makes me feel I am laughed upon, and I am unable to feel love as neurotypical people are. I rather prefer reading a good book or writing a sarcastic and witty poem rather than going to party. For me, intellectual pursuits provide far more satisfaction than sex.

Asperger's is far more prevalent amongst the Jews than amongst any other nation. Both Simon and Garfunkel are Jews. Scandinavians and Finns are also well represented amongst Aspergers. I can well relate to what Paul Simon writes.

In early 1964, Simon and Garfunkel got an audition with Columbia Records , whose executive Clive Davis was impressed enough to sign the duo to a contract to produce an album. Columbia decided that the two would be called simply "Simon & Garfunkel," abandoning the group's previous name "Tom and Jerry." Simon said in 2003 that this renaming as "Simon & Garfunkel" marked the first time only artists' surnames had been used in pop music. [23] Simon and Garfunkel's first LP, Wednesday Morning, 3 . , was released on October 19, 1964; it consisted of 12 songs in the folk vein, five written by Simon. The album initially flopped.

In the same month that the Greatest Hits was released, Simon & Garfunkel performed a reunion concert to benefit the presidential campaign of Sen. George McGovern. Rather than release a straightforward greatest hits album to coincide with the concert, they instead opted to include live versions of some of their most personal songs. At that time, Simon & Garfunkel had not yet released a live album, and the inclusion of those few live tracks helped push the album to the Top 5 on the . albums chart. The Greatest Hits’ success was all the more remarkable because Simon & Garfunkel’s previous five studio albums were still selling at a strong pace, indicating how much they were missed since breaking up two years earlier.

The Boxer Songtext von Simon & Garfunkel mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf

" Mrs. Robinson " (live version)
" The Boxer " (live version)
" Bridge over Troubled Water " (live version)

Simon And Garfunkel I Am A RockSimon And Garfunkel I Am A RockSimon And Garfunkel I Am A RockSimon And Garfunkel I Am A Rock


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